World of Warcraft Guide

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World of Warcraft Paladin Power level Guide

Hello! My Paladin is up to level 46 now and I’ve got some thoughts.

In my opinion, Paladins are WoW’s jack of all trades. We tank and we heal. If a fight is going sour, we can stop our melee and shift into heal-mode, helping the group stay alive. Our buffs are amazing and incredibly helpful. A group can never, repeat, NEVER have too many Paladins. More Paladins in a group means more variety and more backup. The only downside is our lack of a ranged attack. Paladins are not good pullers, hence the “Paladin-pull” (pulling an enemy by having it aggro on you from nearly-max range). If it really bothers you, make friends with an engineer (or become one) and keep a steady supply of EZ Throw Dynamite on hand. You can also get the highest Holy Talent and get a ranged attack. Not my preference but you may wish to do so.

Seals and Judging

I can’t count the number of times I’ve grouped with Paladins who don’t judge. WHY NOT? The only excuse is that you’re the healer and need to conserve your mana for heals. Otherwise, judge like it’s your job!
Why? Because it is! Judge with Light if you want the tank to gain some life back. Judge with Wisdom if you think someone needs mana.
Judge with Justice to keep the enemy from fleeing if that’s a problem.
Judge with Righteousness if you want an extra hit of damage. Judge with Crusader if you’re going to use Holy damage. Use the appropriate judgment depending on the situation but for goodness sake JUDGE.


In my opinion, Paladins have 3 unique tricks they can use to get out of trouble: Blessing of Protection (BoP), Divine Protection/Shield and Lay on Hands (loh). The first is only good against physical damage so use it appropriately. The second is good for all damage. The last is your lifeline. I use them in the order listed. When soloing, you should be able to tell whether you can win the fight or not. That is, know when to run and don’t be afraid to do so. These tricks (and maybe a potion) will keep you alive when others would die. If used correctly, you should not die very often at all.

In groups, I save them for bad times. If a caster is getting hit badly by a melee enemy, I try to put up the BoP on them and give the healer (or me) that extra time to save the caster. The Divine Protection/Shield is good if you don’t think you’re going to get that heal in time. Loh is your last ditch. Due to the cooldown on it, save it for when you need it. Also, be aware that BoP will often reset a melee enemy’s aggro or hate, shifting it around to someone new. Be prepared.

When you put up Divine Protection/Shield on yourself, use that time to either heal (if you think you will win the fight, either by spell or First Aid) or run. Those are your choices.

Higher levels of loh give you mana back. If you’re out of mana and running out of health, loh will give you some mana to work with if you use it. Very helpful if things aren’t going well.

Grouping Notes

Use your Blessings and Seals. I’ve grouped with Paladins who don’t do this. Why are they in the group if they’re not making full use of their abilities to the group’s benefit? Honestly, Bless, Seal, Judge, do your job as a Paladin and provide as much aid as you can.

Bless yourself first then everyone else. That way, when your Blessings starts flashing you know you need to re-bless the entire group.

Blessings: Get more than one or two and keep them up to date.
There’s nothing more frustrating than grouping with other Paladins and learning they don’t have any variety to offer. A rare occurrence but one easily avoided.

Seals: If there are other Paladins in the group, talk with each other and decide who is sealing with what. 2 or 3 different seals on a single enemy make a world of difference.

Auras: Same note as with Blessings. Get more than just Devotion and Retribution. If you’re not the highest Paladin in the group, your level of those auras may not be the highest. Variety!

Aggro/Hate: Paladins can tank very well. While it may be difficult to hold the enemy’s attention, especially against red-con enemies or higher, it can be done. Don’t forget you can use Seal of Fury to help you gain aggro/hate and Blessing of Salvation to help party members *not* gain aggro/hate. Varying combinations of those will serve you well.

Paladin as the Healer
I’m not a fan of being the healer in a group but I’ve done it successfully. Know your limits and watch your mana. Running out of mana is the worst thing that can happen. In my opinion, Paladins are excellent backup healers or great for groups that may not need much constant healing and attention.

Paladins vs. the Undead

Learn it, love it, live it if you can. Exorcism gives you a lot of extra damage, not to mention an instant ranged attack. (This is the only time some Paladins will have a ranged attack!) You can make them flee if you get too many (Turn Undead). You can sense them on your mini-map. Whenever I get to slaying undead scum, my heart goes warm, my Exorcisms start flying and I think that it doesn’t get much better than this. Because it doesn’t.

Enemies That Flee

Judge with Justice, stun or be prepared to give chase. In crowded areas where chasing is ill-advised, I highly recommend judging with Justice. Terribly effective.