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Upcoming 10.5.2 Leopard update has World Of Warcraft support


World of Warcraft update released for Leopard driver The next update to Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard, number 10.5.2, is rumored to have support for World of Warcraft. Anyone who has ever gamed on a Mac knows that this is a big deal. World of Warcraft worked great for us running Tiger on an Emac with some updated hardware, but hasn’t worked well since upgrading to Leopard.

So what was the issue with World of Warcraft on the Leopard release? It had driver problems - severe driver problems - that have been driving its users crazy. The problem seems to only affect Leopard installations on PowerPC Macs, not Intel Macs, which is why the eMac was having the issue and not the MacBook.

Apple’s update is supposed to repair over 76 massive issues with the Leopard release, among them internet connectivity issues plaguing nearly 3/4 of new Leopard installs. Adding the World of Warcraft fix to the list is a good PR move on Apple’s part in a series of months with flagging reviews on service and quality since Leopard released.

Many Apple users accuse Apple of releasing a beta version of their software and not waiting to fix all of the bugs in it and releasing a true alpha release. Apple denies the accusations, but users can’t deny that as pretty and useful as Leopard is, you shouldn’t have this many bugs in an Apple release.

This is especially true of the World of Warcraft bug - there aren’t enough games for Apple as it is, and what games there are often aren’t as good as PC games. To lose compatibility with one of the only major compatible games? A serious no no in marketing their product. This fix can’t arrive too soon.