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Warhammer Online Video Looks Suspiciously Like Warcraft


Alongside the January issue of their newsletter, EA Mythic tossed out a link to a video clip that demonstrates the hectic realm vs realm combat in Warhammer Online, which looks awfully familiar.

For those who haven't been spending the last decade engulfed by virtual worlds, "realm vs realm combat" is similar to "player vs player combat" only it occurs on a much larger scale.

Instead of one-on-one fighting or small group skirmishes, you have tens or hundreds of players all fighting simultaneously in the closest virtual approximation of real war currently available in an MMO.

While the video does look nice, I'm honor-bound to point out two issues with it: it's heavily scripted and it looks so very similar to World of Warcraft.

I can forgive the scripting -- this isn't a finished game, after all -- but I'd be hard pressed to tell WAR's RvR apart from WoW's Battleground combat if YouTube added just a few more instances of graphical artifacts.

Of course, I realize the Warcraft universe is functionally lifted wholesale from the Warhammer universe and I also realize it's an excellent idea to mimic the current market leader when creating a new MMO, but I'm just incredibly struck by how similar the two games look.

Then again, with the number of people WoW has seduced, maybe having a similar look is the only way to create a successful MMO anymore.

On a seperate note, if you'd like to see a version of the video with higher resolution and a more complimentary aspect ratio, take a trip over to Mythic's site.
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